Large load carriers and pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Containers are reusable, pallet-sized containers to transport medium sized goods and return the container for refill.

Usually they are manufactured in standard pallet sizes only. We can manufacture these containers in any desired size, for better space utilisation or odd-dimensional goods.

FLCs (Folding Large Container) or Sleeve Packs consists of a base pallet, top lid and PP plastic sleeve. They are plastic containers which can be collased to save volume when returned empty.

Additionally we can fit textile inlays in a way, so they also collapse within the container. The compartments and the container are always in one unit and ready for reuse anytime.

Textile inlays are ideal if you need a transport of components and don´t have enough space for different type of dividers.

Usually they are used as inlays in boxes, trolleys and even steel-racks.

To cover your pallet boxes or other large load carrier, lids are required.

We offer custom made lids in all sizes and different grades. In case you cannot go for a standard solution or the standard just does not suit your demands, our custom lids can be adjusted to your needs.