Boxsystem Medium

tara box medium

Box Tara Box Medium animation
Box TaraBoxMedium blue and gray
bos medium bottom frame
box medium esd aluminium profile frame
Reusable stackable boxes, made from hollow-cell or structure cell plates, with stacking profile and corners.


  • Fully customizable size: stackable boxes with edge lengths of 250cm (8ft) or longer can be manufactured.
  • Free choice of handles, lables, card holders and other accessories
  • Wide range of different wall materials, depending on the planned payload
  • All inlay types can be fit directly inside the box or mounted on trays
  • Small series production can be realized without tooling cost
  • Bottom Frame version with stacking profiles at the base of the container to adjust to intense use on rolling conveyors
  • Aluminium version with complete ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) properties
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