FLCs with Textile Inlays

FLC with textile inlays

tara sleeve space
PLS tara Sleeve textile animation

FLCs (Folding Large Container) or Sleeve Packs consists of a base pallet, top lid and PP plastic sleeve. They are plastic containers which can be collased to save volume when returned empty.

Additionally we can fit textile inlays in a way, so they also collapse within the container. The compartments and the container are always in one unit and ready for reuse anytime.


  • Foldable for volume-reduced transport when empty
  • Possible multiple-layer-design: slide aside the upper layers during the unloading process
  • Product-specific design, the inlays and the container itselve can be adjusted to any size
  • With integrated pallet base and stacking lid
  • Featuring a varied range of materials, grammages and integrated padding (depending on the weight and surface finish of the component)
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