Device Packaging

Device packaging

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CNC vertical saw foam cutting
  • Complete packaging solutions for one-way deliverys to your customers
  • Corrugated cardboard box, fitted with PE or other foams
  • Accessories like bags, VCI, labels, etc.
  • Easy to assamble at your line + easy to unpack for your customer

project management - design - prototyping and execution

everything in house

Our services:
  • CAD packaging design and packaging density optimisation
  • prototyping and small series production line
  • Assambly level as per customer demand

Our line for series production:
  • Automatic stamping up to 300tons
  • 3D-water-jet-cutting
  • 2D CNC band saw
  • CNC gluing

More solutions in device packaging:

Have a look in our one-way foam converting line

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