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Unsere Prinzipien

Maximum packing density

Maximum quantities in the smallest space - that is our ambition!

Supported by intelligent 3D computer software (CATIA V5, AutoCAD), we are able to place bulky components in the most effective packaging. This benefits everyone from the manufacturer to the customer, via the employees who do the packing and unpacking, even right to the assembly line.

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Minimal handling

Making cuts where it makes sense – to your assembly times!

Products are securely placed in easily-accessible drawers. Compartments and records are numbered to ensure the correct order is maintained. Interchangeable shelves and fixings contribute to optimisation. Ergonomically designed containers enable parts to be removed inside the vehicle.

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Optimum transport protection

We protect what you produce!

After liaising with you in detail, we test possible packaging systems, materials and placement based on the sensitivity of the package. Our modular system of tara products enables us to find the optimum solution for you, taking your production and logistics processes into consideration, as well as the specific budget.

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